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125KHz RFID ID Card Reader & Writer Copier
125K RFID Duplicator Programmer + 5pcs Writable Tags Access Control Gift.

125K RFID Writer Reader/Writer/Copy/Clone Machine

Button: Read button, write button.

1, will switch to ON position, Power indicates a second flashed exhibit of lanterns.
2, placed to copy the card in the card reading area
3, press the Read button, read card Read indicating exhibit of lanterns flash, and the buzzer will ring;
4, place a piece of the need to write the card in the card, press the Write button keep, about one second, a buzzer sounds. Said copy success, such as more than two seconds without noise, please adjust the card position or change a writable card copy.
5, if you want to copy more same ID card, repeat steps " D "
6, please don't will switch to the off position

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