Lector RFID 125 kHz.

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Proximity rfid card reader

1. This control card reader adopt High-end electronic components. Because of international advanced manufacturing technology processes, our quality is absolutely reliable.
2. AC input:220V/50Hz
3. DC output:DC12V3A
4. can control electronic lock
5. can reduce access controller's load
6. immunity
7. saving wiring works
8. reduce failure risks
9. set NO/NC function, control different types of electronic lock
10. set delay circuit, unlock time can be adjusted within 0-15 seconds
11. Automatic protection function: When the circuit causing a short circuit accident occurs, power will be temporarily disconnected or burning fuse.
12. remote control function, can input remote control module, door will be opened by remote control. Remote control distance is 80 meters without any interference

Proximity rfid card reader

Nameproximity rfid card reader
Working voltageDC 12V
Communication mode1 line RS485
MB25000 items(customizable)
Storage capacity500 users,500 pieces of records
Date save>10 yeas(after power down)
Overall power consumption <1W
Reading range4—15cm
Operating temperature0°C~45°C
Storage tempurature0°C~45°C
Reading card typeEM compatible or no-contact
Packing details1 box including 100 pcs


Control card reader , access control machine can not only provide the powerful function of entrance guard. At the same time, it also has a simple function of checking on work attendance. But for those who need to access function to realize the attendance data processing customers, this controller is a good choice. It can be an safer external card reader extensions with lower the cost. When work with software together,it can not only monitor the entrance guard constantly, but also can finish daily attendance for the personnel work. Limited by the user and the environment, the entrance guard controller is suitable for small and medium-sized companies access control attendance.


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