Monitor 15"

Monitor 15" Image
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Show patterns Dynamic 15 inch
Long diagonal visualization 380mm/302mm
primitive largest percentage 1024*768
Color 167.000
Response time 6-16 minisce
(left, right, up, down) 60/60 60/40
Lines frequency 31.47 - 60.02k
Image frequency 50-75 Hz
Image inspection digital screen
OSD. (automatic image creation)
Control Main power, audio select,
menu and toggling
Power Management VESA
Maximun power consumption 40 W
Energy saving node 3W
The input signal analog signal RGB0.7 VP-P/75
Synchronization TTL subparagraph
PF input 47-870MHZ (75-inbalance)
Video input IVP-P (PAL/NTSC)


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